Hammamet Sud


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Hammamet Sud

After sundown, party vibes emerge in Hammamet Sud — an area not too far west from the Medina, half-way between the city proper and Yasmine Hammamet. Here one will find the highest concentration of nightclubs and bars in town and, quite possibly, the entire country.

Bars & Nightlife

Nightlife entertainment primarily centers around Hammamet Sud, while the Yasmine marina area is more known for its low-key, lounge-type bars. In the drinks department, Tunisia boasts some quality locally-produced wines (stocked in most places that serve alcohol) and a fig-based brandy variety (boukha). Celestia is a popular non-alcoholic beer. Do mind that not all local establishments serve alcohol, so it might be a good idea to enquire beforehand. Alcohol sale is restricted on Muslim holidays.